Alternative High School Completion Program

Alternative High School Completion Program for Students

October 29, 2015

The school currently offers the High School Completion Programme. The programme delivers alternative high school studies for students experiencing difficulty maintaining a satisfactory rate of progress and level of achievement in a traditional high school. Others have dropped out of high school.

Mr Stowe told us: “We will grant admission to male and female students 14 to 19 years of age for the purpose of completing high school and/or acquiring technical and vocational skills and qualifications to enter the workforce.

“However, we will only accept students who demonstrate a positive attitude, compliance with rules and proper conduct and appropriate behaviour that are indicative of their desire to learn, achieve and make a positive contribution to the learning environment.”

The programme was devised and specifically serves as an effective alternative education strategy.

It provides high school academic studies and vocational/technical education from an accredited and internationally recognised provider, Penn Foster.

The Penn Foster High School diploma is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools. This agency accredits Bermuda Institute, The Berkeley Institute and CedarBridge Academy.

The primary purpose of the High School Completion Programme is to:

  • Enable students to earn a high school or a technical qualification diploma;
  • Equip students with the methods, processes, discipline and personal management skills to engage learning.
  • Provide students with successful school-to-work and school-to-post secondary transition strategies.

The programme utilises a distance education examination platform. And, it is delivered, supported and facilitated locally on a daily basis through: Small classes, self-paced studies, individualised education plans, small group tutoring and academic and technical study options

The High School Completion Programme consists of 17 academic courses, including, but not limited to: learning skills, human relations, written communication, American history, reading skills, biology, practical English, basic English, general Math I, II, earth science, world history, literature, fitness and nutrition, geography, physical science, civics and five electives, academic or vocational.

The programme utilises hands-on technical training with industry-grade equipment provided by industry. The five high school vocational education programmes listed below are available as electives to the general academic programme.

Many of the electives listed below are only available at the centre. And the students have the option to transfer the credit to earn a full technical/vocational career post-secondary diploma.

The vocational/technical studies include:

  • Small engine repair
  • Electrical /electronics
  • Computers
  • Health care studies

“Bermuda Tech” has a school-to-work transition strategy. A 10-month technical training programme in either small engine repair or the multi-tech studies programme: electrical, electronics, computers and small engine repair is available. High school graduation is not required.

This is a technical career development programme for career employment purposes. The students will attend classes each day for three hours. In the morning they may serve a practicum with industry to enhance work-based competencies and experience.

Although this is not a “job” arrangement initially, it is intended that the practicum will lead to employment when the student earns his diploma in 10 months.

The programme will enable a student who is not ready to earn a high school diploma to identify a career path, earn a technical qualification and get connected with industry before completing high school, or he can do both simultaneously.



The Close It Summit 2017

Join Penn Foster and hundreds of leaders in learning, recruitment, and workforce development for the 2017 Close It Summit to highlight and discuss competency-based education, training, and hiring. We’re excited to be part of two events at this year’s conference:

Penn Foster + Chicago CRED High School Graduation
Wednesday, September 27th at 11:00AM
Join Penn Foster and the Honorable Arne Duncan in celebrating the graduation of Chicago CRED participants from Penn Foster High School.

Workshop: “Why Now? A Case for Change”
Wednesday, September 27th at 3:00PM
Penn Foster CEO Frank Britt joins thought leaders to discuss how industry must change to meet the needs of the millennial worker and why addressing the skills gap now is imperative.



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