Penn Foster and JEVS Human Services

Penn Foster and JEVS Human Services Co-Present at the 29th Annual Technology and Adult Education Conference in Philadelphia

May 19, 2017

Organizations Lead Discussion on the Benefits of Blended Learning for Engaging Adult Learners

PHILADELPHIA, PA, (May 19, 2017) — Penn Foster, a leading career-focused education provider for today's evolving workforce, and JEVS Human Services, a Philadelphia employability-focused nonprofit, announced their participation in the 29th Annual Technology and Adult Education Conference on the theme "Adult Education Remixed: Transformation through Technology." This year's conference will showcase ways in which technology is changing the work of adult education practitioners.

Following a conference sub-theme of "Applications, software, and devices for facilitating and promoting adult learning" Penn Foster and Philadelphia-based partner organization JEVS Human Services will present a case study and lead a workshop on how to lead community-based efforts in adult education through online and blended learning.

The case study, titled "JEVS: An Innovative Use of Online Education to Offer Career Pathways to Adult Learners & Opportunity Youth," will cover how JEVS Human Services and Penn Foster use education as a tool for transforming lives. Attendees will learn how JEVS Human Services has implemented an innovative education solution that provides career pathway opportunities to adult learners and opportunity youth. Representatives from Penn Foster and JEVS Human Services will share best practices for offering online and blended learning education solutions to improve outcomes in attendees' communities.

"There is a misconception that adults are resistant to online learning," said Erik Hensley, Managing Director, Workforce & Government at Penn Foster. "That may be the case prior to starting an online program, but any hesitance quickly evaporates once they've started. It's a different experience than they remember from the classroom, so they find it's not as intimidating as they might have initially thought. Competency-based online and blended learning is a great way to get adults re-engaged with learning. The competency-based model allows us to meet learners where they are with their skill development, and offers a flexible and personalized experience to fit the lives of adults. We're excited to continue building out our efforts with JEVS and other Philadelphia-based organizations working to empower and upskill the adult population."

Adult learners require educational opportunities that help them align with a wide variety of technology, social, educational and workforce goals. These goals can be realized by using technology to expand access and increase opportunities for learners and the practitioners that serve them. Technology is a powerful tool that can be used to promote learner independence, enable flexible delivery of instruction, express creativity, and make learning more enjoyable.

"Penn Foster's tech-enabled learning has helped our learners gain confidence and motivated them to pursue their goals and turn their lives around," said Nigel Bowe, Director of JEVS Human Services. "We're here at the Adult Education Conference to share our students' successes and to demonstrate how online programs and the infusion of technology into educational and skills training programs is effective at re-engaging youth and adult learners and getting them employed."

The ultimate goal of the 29th Annual Technology and Adult Education Conference is to equip practitioners with tools to effectively support adults and opportunity youth (age 16 and up) to be successful in high school equivalency testing, English language acquisition, entry into postsecondary education and training, and securing family-sustaining jobs. Presentations will reach a variety of adult literacy practitioners from various types of adult education organizations across the region; including executive directors, coordinators, teachers, case managers/learning coaches and volunteers.

Penn Foster works with organizations to help individuals looking for a new job, better career or a second chance receive access to education and skills training programs. Along with JEVS Human Services, Penn Foster has been partnering with the Philadelphia Job Corps for six years, and has recently rolled out their innovative new platform, PFx, on center to improve student success.

About JEVS
JEVS Human Services enhances the employability, independence, and quality of life of individuals through a broad range of programs. Consistent with core principles and entrepreneurial spirit, JEVS Human Services creates innovative and sustainable solutions to address current and future community needs. For more information, visit

About the Office of Adult Education - City of Philadelphia
The City of Philadelphia's Office of Adult Education (OAE), formerly known as the Mayor's Commission on Literacy has worked to equip all adults in Philadelphia with the education they need for work, family, and civic engagement since 1983. OAE was charged to work on behalf of over 80 literacy and workforce development programs to help the estimated 550,000 adults in the City who need to develop their workforce literacy skills to compete in our knowledge based economy, complete secondary education, or prepare to participate in post-secondary programs.

About Penn Foster
Students, employers and partner organizations rely on Penn Foster to build the skills and knowledge to power the 21st century workforce. For over 125 years, Penn Foster has been dedicated to helping people lead more meaningful and productive lives and to improving social outcomes through education. Penn Foster provides career pathways for opportunity youth and adult learners through diverse and affordable online diploma, certificate and degree programs, offered via its high school, career school and college. With more than 40,000 graduates each year, Penn Foster's online and blended learning programs are delivered in a self-paced, competency-based model wrapped by comprehensive academic, professional and personal support and coaching. For more information, visit


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