I work with many administrators from private sector and career colleges, so I have a good understanding of the key challenges they face.  Their challenges can be categorized into three or four main categories, and one of the most pressing is enrollments.   Since 2008 and the height of the recession, many of our partners have seen declining enrollment volumes through traditional marketing channels across their campuses which has further strained their schools.  I specialize in helping colleges increase their enrollments of confident and motivated students by supporting a new group of candidates qualified for enrollment at your college.  After meeting with schools from New York to California, I've developed some best practices and programs colleges can implement to improve their enrollments and support their student body. 
On Thursday, August 7th at 1:00pm I will be sharing this information.  During the 45-minute webinar I'll be presenting a case study and sharing how I was able to help one client increase their enrollments by 10% in 3 months.

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