Students who choose to study business become very familiar with the concept of "economies of scale".  At a high level, achieving economies of scale means that the cost per unit of production decreases as volume of product increases.  It creates a huge cost advantage when companies can "go big" and the savings can be passed on to the consumers. 

In education, investments in 21st century learning resources for students cost money.  At Penn Foster, we invest in our students by building and launching student social community platforms.  We develop study planner apps available in the App Store and on Google Play. Our teachers produce supplemental learning webinars.  Our curriculum designers create interactive Information Literacy courses.   We see no reason why second chance, adult learners, and other non-traditional students should not enjoy the same education technology innovations that are being implemented in traditional K12 schools across the country. 

We are very excited at Penn Foster to announce that we have recently passed a major milestone by having 45,000 students enrolled in our High School. As one of the largest high schools in the country, our scale allows us to innovate while keeping tuition for our students affordable.  Serving more students allows us to continue to invest in our students, which in turn attracts more students to our program.  The virtuous cycle of Economies of Scale continues.  Leveraging these market forces will help us to achieve our mission to graduate 1 million high school students that were unable to complete their secondary education in a traditional capacity. 

Listen to some Penn Foster graduates in Florida share their Penn Foster High School experiences and what it feels like to be a high school graduate! 

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