At the conclusion of World War II, America launched an initiative formally known as The European Recovery Program.  It was an effort of unprecedented scale to rebuild and revitalize Europe after the devastation from years of war.  The initiative is more commonly known as The Marshall Plan, named after the United States Secretary of State George Marshall.  The phrase "equivalent of the Marshall Plan" is often used to describe a proposed large-scale rescue program.

That is why it is fitting that the GradNation Campaign, launched in 2010 as a program within the America's Promise Alliance, included the creation of a Civic Marshall Plan. The plan brings together policymakers, educators, business leaders, community allies, parents, and students to address the high school dropout epidemic plaguing many of our nation's school districts.

For decades, Penn Foster has been creating and delivering educational solutions that are closely aligned with key planks of the Civic Marshall Plan.  Penn Foster provides pathways to college and careers for all youth (including those who have dropped out) and creates solutions for comprehensive dropout recovery programs for disconnected youth.

It is only fitting that the efforts of Penn Foster become more formerly aligned with the GradNation Campaign. We are very excited over the recent announcement that Penn Foster has officially joined America's Promise Alliance. When America joined the Allied effort in WWII, it marked the "beginning of the end" for the Axis powers. We hope Penn Foster's strategic partnership with America's Promise Alliance will have the same effect for the Alliance, helping them prevail in the war against unacceptably low high school graduation rates within America.

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