Like so many other schools and businesses, life within Penn Foster operates at breakneck speed. "Breakneck" is increasingly the default gear for life in 21st Century America.  With 24/7 access to the Information Superhighway securely tethered to everyone's hip pocket, the expectations and deadlines packaged as digital 1's and O's never stop arriving in your inbox.

That is why Thanksgiving is an especially important time of year. Hitting the "pause button" on life offers us the opportunity to look around and count our blessings " and there are many. As part of the Penn Foster family, we have a unique opportunity this year to reach a milestone in our High School program: having 20,000 students complete their course of study and graduate in 2014!

Every one of our students has a unique story, but they all share a common attribute.  For whatever reason, they were unable to complete a High School program and earn their diploma in the traditional timeframe that is expected for students in America.  Perhaps they became ill, or were bullied.  Perhaps they are New Americans and English is a second language.  More often than not they were faced with environments filled with gangs, violence, drugs, broken homes, absent parents, teenage pregnancy and poor schools.   As a result, they have been labeled as "dropouts" and are not in possession of the basic Educational credential that is required for over 80% of the jobs that are available today.

Penn Foster High School, the largest private online High School in America, is proud that close to 18,000 students completed their studies and become graduates in 2014!  We are hoping that another 2,000 students will buckle down with their studies and make it a priority to graduate by December 31, becoming part of the largest graduating class in Penn Foster's 124 year history.

20,000 lives will forever be changed in 2014, as our graduates will never again have to say they do not have a High School diploma.  Help us cheer them on. They have earned it. And for that we are Thankful.