Career Development: Leadership & Job Advancement Opportunity

Encourage employees to turn their Quick Serve Restaurant or retail jobs into a long-term career with a clear career path to success. Design career pathways with these motivational tactics:1,2

- Performance Reviews: A performance review is a way to measure and improve an employee's quality of work. This type of measurement identifies challenges and defines goals for rewards and career advancement. For example, an exemplary follow-up review can set an employee on track to become a shift supervisor. Did an employee handle a situation with outstanding customer service? Recognize that your employee has leadership qualities that could lead to a managerial position. Accomplishments empower employees and drive the desire to perform better.

- Hierarchy: A hierarchy of job titles enables employees to know where they stand and where they can go. Their commitment strengthens as they see potential in themselves (and their crew members) to advance within this hierarchy. A hierarchy can even foster healthy competition, which motivates employees to arrive to work on time, strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction or provide superior-quality service.

- Promotions: Promotions reinvigorate top-performing employees. They become aware of their potential and feel successful, which further develops the employer-employee relationship. To further invest in their careers, complement a promotion with leadership or mentorship training.

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Resources: Photo (1) Employee Incentive Programs for Fast Food (2) How to Motivate Fast Food Employees