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Reward Programs: Employee Benefits & Financial Perks

Salary increases, cash bonuses and prepaid debit cards motivate employees, but sometimes non-cash incentives can be an even greater influence on employees to be consistently sharp. QSRMagazine.com1 shares how Molly Catalano, Director of Communications and Marketing at the Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Lorton, Virginia, uses weekly, monthly and quarterly rewards programs to combat lagging performance. Structure rewards on recurring time increments to keep employees continuously engaged and on target to meet goals.

Incentivize employees with a non-business event, outing or vacation where individuals can hang out and relax as a team. The top 30 percent of Pizza Ranch operators among 157 restaurants are awarded with an annual all-inclusive trip to a tropical destination. This type of bonding experiences creates harmony within the organization, according to Jon Moss, COO at Pizza Ranch. He believes recognizing outstanding performance yields disproportionately positive results.1

Less luxurious non-financial incentives can also include:

   - Shift choice and schedule preference

   - Extra or longer breaks

   - Prizes (e.g. gift cards, coupons)

Do you agree that rewards programs can help restaurants foster more motivated and loyal employees?

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Resources: (1) How to Incentivize Your Crew