Emotional Drivers: Job Satisfaction & Personal Growth

Job satisfaction and morale has a direct effect on work ethic and commitment. Create a positive and upbeat work culture where employees not only enjoy coming to work but feel like they can thrive, both professional and personally. As an individual advances and adopts a higher-level position, the employee builds character and develops into a working professional whom others look up to. An environment where managers, supervisors and employees can respect one another and work well as a team breeds natural cohesiveness and optimal productivity.

Boost morale and produce employee role models with:1

   - Employee of the Month: Employee of the month recognition is an attainable motivator that expresses your appreciation of your employees. Giving such a public accolade shows you believe in your employees and want to share their stellar performance both internally and externally. Provide your employee of the month with extra responsibility and decision-making power to emphasize that he or she is an invaluable asset.

   - Team-Building Exercises: To maintain employee motivation, help meet their social needs. Team-building exercises create positive personal interaction and strong bonds among employees, which fosters trust and keeps employees engaged. As a supportive team, employees can motivate one another to stay on task and reach toward goals.

   - Corporate Transparency & Open Forum: If you want your employees to care about success as much as you do, continue to share the company's mission and goals with them. Emphasize that they are the foundation of your business and its services, and the company depends on each one of them. Show them how they can contribute to the success of the business.

From education and career development to rewards programs and open communication, investing in the motivation of your employees helps advance your business toward success. Give your employees something to believe in. Make your employees believe in themselves, and they'll commit to your bottom line. 

Do you see these tactics working at your company? Tell me how you foster strong employee motivation and loyatly in your business. 

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