Opportunity Youth is a term used to describe a particular demographic slice of America's young people. Opportunity Youth are between the ages of 16 and 24, not in school and unemployed. This group of young people has been labeled with many less flattering names in the past.

Most recent estimates put the total Opportunity Youth population in America at 6.7 million people. Life is often an uphill battle for these young adults as the stability of the very foundations of their life " food, shelter, clothing, education, and dignity through work " fluctuates every day.

That is why the mission and results achieved through YouthBuild USA are so admirable and impressive. YouthBuild works with Opportunity Youth to provide construction jobs building low-income housing. YouthBuild also provides access to education so that students can earn a High School Diploma or GED.  Since 1994, 130,000 YouthBuild students have built 22,000 units of affordable housing in 226 low income neighborhoods.  7 years after graduating from a YouthBuild program, 75% of students are either working or in college.

Penn Foster High School is excited to announce our national partnership with YouthBuild centers across the country.  Penn Foster engages tens of thousands of Opportunity Youth who are enrolled in our High School program, either online or through blended learning delivery partners that provide computers and classroom space.  The national scale of Penn Foster's program will allow YouthBuild centers everywhere the chance to offer their students an accredited High School diploma in a proven, cost effective manner.  Penn Foster and YouthBuild are both partners in America's Promise Alliance. We are proud to come together and help repair the broken foundations in the lives of Opportunity Youth nationwide. As always, the students will be the ones doing the hard work " pouring the concrete for the foundations of new housing units and studying Algebra for the mathematical foundations they will need in life.

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