"Dropouts" aren't bad people cast into a hopeless life of failure and dead ends. They're looking for an on-ramp to better opportunities to create a positive change. As a follow-up to our first post, here are three more characteristics of successful high school completion students:

4. Confidence

By attending class and working toward a goal, students gain confidence, which in turn creates conviction and empowerment. Non-completers were always on the outside looking in, without the self-esteem to take a step in a positive direction. In the high school completion program, they adapt to the routine of going to school and see the value in education. Hard work and achieving goals affirms and motivates them to stay focused on their long-term goals for a better life.

5. Power of Example

Penn Foster High School Completion graduates find themselves in a unique position after earning their high school diploma. Suddenly, they're an inspiration. They're role models. Nikkiya has influenced family members to consider going back to school. Peers come to her with their questions. She was once the person who was scared to ask for help, and today the roles are reversed. "Now I'm actually happy that I'm able to help others of my age and younger, like my little sister," Nikkiya said.

6. Resiliency

Above all, second-chance learners feel the power of their own resiliency. These non-completers turned high school graduates just need a chance to control their own destiny and not let the past define their future. From homelessness to high school graduation, it was Nikkiya's resiliency that helped get her through. She didn't want to be like her past. She wanted to leave a mark and be better. Within a month and a half, she completed the high school diploma program and changed the course of her life  forever.

By partnering with a high school completion program, post-secondary schools provide students the opportunity to create a postive change in their lives. Help cultivate qualified prospective students for your career school and give non-completers a chance to believe in themselves and their future.

Hear Nikkiya Gentry speak about why her experience in a high school completion program helped her become successful at Dorsey Schools.


Hear more from Nikkiya and from Dorsey representatives, as they examine the benefits of the partnership between Dorsey Schools and Penn Fosters High School Completion program:

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