High school completion programs are giving students the opportunity to earn the qualifications they need to pursue career-focused higher education. Over 80 career school campuses have already launched high school completion programs to date, and they are finding that the majority of high school graduates who emerge from the program are confident, highly motivated to succeed, and are matriculating into their school. Before your school president begins asking you about High School Completion programs, familiarize yourself with these 5 questions you should know about them:

1. Accreditation - what is it and what to look for?

Making sure that the high school curriculum is accredited is extremely important. It's also crucial to look into the accrediting body to make sure it meets the college's compliance requirements.

2. Reputation of Non-Completers - how can students who never earned their high school diploma can help you?

Giving this population of students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma will help you enroll loyal, committed students who will excel when they attend your college.

3. GED - why are high school equivalencies all not created equal?

When you send potential students to take the GED, they don't always return to enroll. A high school completion program is much more likely to bring those students back to your school as it allows you to develop a relationship with the prospective student on your campus.

4. Financial Impact - how do these programs make financial sense?

These new high school graduates easily transition into one of your college's programs, boosting enrollment and lowering cost per start, thereby increasing your fiscal bottom line.

5. Program Management - what resources are required to get started?

This does not have to be a major time commitment to implement and execute. Utilize existing infrastructure and resources on your campus to get started quickly and efficiently.

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