Earlier this month, our team had the pleasure of heading down to Louisiana to visit the Blue Cliff College campuses located in Alexandria and Houma. During our visit, we had the opportunity to interact with current Penn Foster students, as well as those who graduated and matriculated into a Blue Cliff program.

Campus tours took us to a variety of classrooms, where we witnessed Penn Foster graduates working hands-on in Blue Cliff college classes and heard firsthand how earning their diploma has offered them a second chance. Even walking through the hallways, faculty and administrators acknowledged the significance of the program on campus.

"I'm very proud that I'm a Penn Foster graduate," said Erica Pantallion, Penn Foster graduate and Blue Cliff student, while speaking with us in Alexandria. "Who knows where I would have been without being able to graduate high school?"

For many of the students and graduates we spoke with, life obstacles had impeded them from getting their high school diploma. Our team was moved by the visible impact the Penn Foster program had on their confidence and ambitions to succeed.

Community Impact


While awareness and appreciation of the Penn Foster program on campus was inspiring, we were equally excited to see the impact of the program on both Alexandria and Houma's local communities.

Kenneth Thomas, Campus Director at Blue Cliff's Houma campus, noted that one of the biggest benefits of the high school completion program is "putting productive citizens back in the community that can become gainfully employed...People feel good about themselves when there is hope, and that's what Penn Foster gives young people."

When our team attended the Blue Cliff Houma graduation on August 6th, everyone we talked to seemed to know about the Penn Foster program. Hearing such positive feedback was motivational, but also brought to light how important Blue Cliff's ability to offer the Penn Foster High School Completion Program was in these communities.

Blue Cliff College Classroom"Being able to contribute in whatever way we can to the community has been a game changer for us," said Michael Maise, Campus Director at Blue Cliff's Alexandria campus. "And more importantly, it's been a game changer for the students we have graduated [from the high school completion program]."

Witnessing the transformation of high school dropouts into confident high school graduates brought the impact of our educational partnership to life.

See the excitement of Blue Cliff's High School Completion graduates first hand:

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