2015 was the year of student outcomes for the education industry. Ed tech, school districts, career schools, colleges, and youth organizations alike took a step back to review the educational landscape holistically. Stakeholders raised important questions on the future of education: how can we revise current policies and structures in order to benefit students directly? How will technology begin to play a pivotal role in the classroom? How do we reframe what it means to be a "traditional' learner, to ensure students of all ages, demographics, locations, and socioeconomic backgrounds get the education they need to succeed? Below are the ten most popular posts from Penn Foster Partners in 2015, that help provide some answers to these poignant questions:

10. YouthBuild 2015 Annual Conference: How to Connect the Dots

by Steve Copacino

Key takeaways from Penn Foster's visit to the YouthBuild USA 2015 National Directors Association Meeting.


9. Two-Year Degrees vs. Four-Year Degrees: Where's the Biggest Payoff?

by Frank Britt

Move over costly four-year degrees, two-year degrees can provide huge payoffs.


8. Top 5 Takeaways from the White House Next Generation High Schools Summit

by Bliss Parsons

In November, the White House hosted its first ever summit on Next Generation High Schools, bringing together teachers, administrators, students, philanthropists, edtech companies, and entrepreneurs to discuss big, bold ideas on how to profoundly change the current state of our nation's public high school system.


7. Will Raising the Legal Dropout Age Help Students?

by Bliss Parsons

States like Kentucky and Maryland are raising the legal dropout age. Find out how these new laws are affecting non-traditional students.


6. Career School Industry Trends and Improving Student Outcomes 

by Dara Warn

To kick start goal-setting efforts in 2015, we gathered insights from top industry executives and dove deeper into the major issues facing career schools.


5. How Job Corps is Combating the Dropout Crisis 

by Frank Britt

A look into how Job Corps centers across the nation are helping to combat the dropout-to-prison pipeline, and give opportunity youth a second chance.


4. Fresh Start and Penn Foster Graduate 289 Former High School Dropouts 

by Laurie Woychick

The Polk County Fresh Start program sees another year of record-shattering success, as 289 former high school dropouts received their diplomas.


3. The New GED: One Year Later 

by Kevin Bauman

In 2014, the GED test changed and resulted in a 90% decline of people who passed nationwide.  Learn more about Penn Foster's GED alternative. 


2. Will California Finally Eliminate Its State Exit Exam? 

by Bliss Parsons

Newly proposed legislation would to allow students to graduate high school without having to take the required California High School Exit Exam. 


1. 5 Fears of Adult Students: How to Curb Back-to-School Phobia

by Kate Mosteller

The National Center for Education Statistics predicts that adult students will actually become the new majority. Make them feel welcome on your campus.


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