This year Penn Foster is celebrating our 125th year anniversary as a distance learning education institution dedicated to serving our students and meeting them where they are at, both physically and academically.  As a recent blog post about Penn Foster on the Christensen Institute website recently pointed out, you can never be "too old to disrupt". We are proud that we continually innovate within the online and blended learning education sector. We deliver affordable, accredited paths to academic credentials to tens of thousands of students across America every year.

We are very excited that Penn Foster was once again selected by the SXSW education conference committee to take part in this year's conference.  This year we will take part in the "Future 15" presentation series.  Last year we hosted a student panel that was well received by the attendees of the conference.  We are excited to return to Austin and share some of our thinking on what the future of Education may hold. 

The Future 15 series is a set of rapid fire presentations by forward thinking institutions and individuals within the education sector. Future15 sessions are short talks highlighting new and emerging ideas in education. Sessions are 15 minutes long and feature assorted speakers covering a wide range of topics.

Kevin Bauman, Senior Director of Product Management for Penn Foster, will be delivering this year's talk entitled: Mobile Classrooms: At Youth Risk Learn on the Go. It will take place Monday, March 9th, at 4:10pm local Austin time, in the Convention Center room 15.  A link with all the session information can be found here.

We all know that online and blended learning instructional formats are here to stay. We know that the "sharing economy" is just getting started with apps to order on demand services for just about everything, from car rides to pet sitting. We also know that Google, most of the world's largest car manufacturers and a surprising amount of start-ups are all developing self-driving technology to create "autonomous" vehicles. Come hear Penn Foster's perspective on how all of these trends will collide to create fleets of self-driving, blended learning mobile classrooms on busses that operate 24/7. In the not too distant future, students will use an app to be ordered to be picked up (along with a tutor) and turn their daily commute or travel plans into the learning trip of a lifetime! If you will be at SXSW you will not want to meet this glimpse into the future.