Many career colleges are recognizing the value of offering a  High School Completion Program. You can provide high school non-completers interested in your career school with a second chance to graduate high school, and many of these graduates  enroll in the career school at a lower cost per start. While offering a high school diploma option may not be a core business objective,  it makes financial sense for your school's leadership to show interest in the program. Implementing the High School Completion Program delivers qualified candidates, boosts matriculation and ultimately increases your college's graduation rates.

The overall financial impact is evident, but expect your president to have some questions about the details of the program. Our eBook, "Why Your School President Will Be Asking You About Diploma Completion Programs... And what you need to know about them" elaborates on the High School Completion Program and responds to commonly asked questions such as:

  • We are a college, not a high school. Graduating high school dropouts isn't our core business. Why would we do this?"
  • "Isn't a high school completion program expensive?"
  • "Our school and community already have a GED program for certifying high school non-completers. How will this provide different results?

Use this helpful Q&A as a resource to guide discussions with your school president about implementing a High School Completion Program.

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