Partnering with a high school completion program and graduating high school non-completers provides career colleges with strong students for their career college programs. These students become eligible to matriculate to your career college and have already undergone a motivational, empowering learning experience and arrive ready to learn and succeed.

You can transform high school non-completers into your best students by tailoring your support model. This growing student demographic is resilient; all they need is a little direction. Consider their struggles, challenges and external responsibilities. Non-completers who make the decision to better themselves through education believe in the power of skills training and development.

The student benefits, as does your institution; but furthermore, career colleges have the power to make a difference for the communities in which they reside. The current high school graduation rate stands at 80%, an all-time high. America is on track to reach a lofty 90% graduation rate by 2020. There's more we can do to keep the momentum going, however; increasing high school graduation rates begins with options and, ideally, ends with matriculation. Because successful high school completion programs result in a 70% matriculation rate, by implementing pre-enrollment options for high school completion, your institution becomes an inherent next step in a student's educational career and creates inspiration for communities at large.

"I think the Penn Foster program increases student success rate at Dorsey. They've been more confident being in the school environment and it's an easier transition for them."
Joe Belliotti " Academic Dean, Dorsey Schools

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