Financial Aid Office: Payment Plans

Tuition cost is a major deterrent for interested applicants, and many eliminate the idea of college because of financial factors standing in the way. Dorsey Schools offers the High School Completion program for free, which is one option for equipping students with a diploma and matriculating them into your school. Other career schools can instate tuition and payment options to make applying for enrollment an affordable decision. Offer students consultations where they can meet with an admissions specialist to discuss a payment plan (e.g. automatic payment plans or pay by mail) that includes support and learning materials. Your school can also attract students with low-cost educational opportunities, such as special offers, financial assistance and student perks and discounts.1

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Be sure to read Step 1 on Community Outreach, Step 2 on Marketing with Mobile and Social Media, and Step 3 on High School Completion Programs. And check back next week to read about Step 5: School Counselors.

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