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School Counselors: Personalized Attention

Nearly 80% of first-year students reported that personalized attention prior to enrollment was a major factor during the decision-making process. Without personalized attention and continual contact, potential students can drift away from the application and enrollment process, losing interest in a college education altogether. An unsupportive home environment, complex financial forms and complicated requirements like submitting deposits or securing loans can prevent a student from moving forward.

Build a relationship with potential students to maintain a connection and keep these individuals on track to matriculate. On-campus meetings and counseling services, email, text messages, online conversations and phone calls can all support and help students stay engaged in the enrollment process.1,2

Discover other ways to connect prospective students to your career school in the Career School Guide to Increasing Enrollments now.  

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Be sure to read Step 1 on Community Outreach, Step 2 on Marketing with Mobile and Social Media, and Step 3 on High School Completion Programs and Step 4 on Financial Aid and Payment Plans

Resources: (1) Understanding the enrollment motivations of college students; (2) Prevent Summer Melt and Keep Students Enrolled in College