This week we presented Penn Foster's vision for the future of education at SXSWedu during a Future15 session. This Tedx-like format is designed for educators to present their ideas on what education might look like in the future. Our FastClass bus concept brings together four major components:


  1. Blended learning is here to stay. No one argues that blended and online learning is the direction that education is heading, whether you agree with it or not.
  2. Delivering land based services on a bus is nothing new. Think about the bookmobile, food trucks and even mammograms can be brought to you on a bus.
  3. The time has come to bring the sharing economy to education. On demand education and a tutor ordered via an app will be a reality.
  4. Self-driving cars will soon be a reality. Gartner Group predicts that 25% of all cars will drive autonomously by 2025.

By bringing together these four components, in a setting like Detroit, with a challenged public transportation system, and only a 65% graduation rate, it seems like a great place to start. No one can argue that higher educational attainment improves income and career opportunities. In a place like Detroit where one man previous traveled 21 miles by foot every day in order to get to his job, it just makes sense to help Detroitians turn their commute time into learning time. The bus no longer brings you to school, the bus is the school. Considering Detroit used to the automotive capital of the world, combining education and automotive innovation could help bring the city back to greatness.

View the presentation to learn more: