It's not uncommon for career schools to turn away prospective students because they lack the proper POG credential. Without another option, career schools continue to face declining enrollment and lower graduation rates.

There is an alternative. Career colleges can invest in a High School Completion program as an enrollment solution for these non-completers. This solution is growing in popularity and career colleges are taking notice. Schools like The Institute of Technology, Dorsey Schools and Sanford-Brown Institute have all successfully implemented High School Completion programs, graduated high school non-completers and enrolled these students into their college programs.

Not only does this program boost enrollments, but the program also generates positive outcomes for both the school and the student. The program is designed to not only increase enrollment rates, but also to provide nontraditional students with a high school diploma, successful learning experiences and the confidence and motivation to advance with your college program - outcomes any institution would want to get onboard with.

The success stories have even been a major topic at the industry events APSCU, FAPSC and ACICS in particular - where college student all-star Nikkiya Gentry shared how she was able to enroll in the culinary program at Dorsey Schools after completing their High School diploma program..

Your school's president will naturally have questions while learning about the benefits of High School Completion programs. Download the eBook, "Why Your School President Will Be Asking You About Diploma Completion Programs"  to be prepared for these discussions with your school president.

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