Your workforce board has a website, of course, but does it have a blog? Blogs can be used to post job hunting tips, job postings and internship opportunities. They can also be used to publicize your workforce board - for example, you could post articles that showcase services your center offers and your personnel. A well-maintained blog offers a number of compelling benefits to your workforce board; here are four of them:

Provide Content for Social Sharing

Blog content is a great way to reach online audiences through social media. Facebook remains the most popular social site among both high school1 and college students,2 with 71 percent of all teens 13 to 17 using Facebook, and over 73 percent of college students aged 17 to 25 spending up to 3 hours a day on the site. Content is key to reaching this vast social audience, and blogging provides one of the best tools available for creating and distributing content.

When building a blog audience, start by identifying which social network your target market frequents. You can then use content syndication tools such as Buffer and to automate your blog scheduling and posting. Maximize the usage of your blog content by periodically reposting your best content with new titles and angles, aka "repurposing" content.

Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blogging also helps your workforce board perform better in search engine results. For example:

  • It enables you to drive new visitors to your blog from syndicated posts on social media and from organic search engine results, giving you an opportunity to add them to your mailing list and social media following
  • It also gives previous visitors already on your mailing list and social following an incentive to revisit your blog
  • It gives you an opportunity to cultivate backlinks from other sites that syndicate your content
  • Finally, it gives you an opportunity to generate comments, amplifying the SEO benefits of your content

Highlight Workforce Board Successes

A blog also gives you an opportunity to promote the benefits of your career center by showcasing success stories. For instance, your blog could feature a rotating slideshow of stories about clients of your center who went on to find good jobs. Featuring these types of success stories can help convey the benefits of your program to your blog's visitors.

Increase Recruitment

By driving traffic to your site and promoting the benefits of your program to visitors, a blog can help increase your recruitment rates. For example, the "success stories" page on your blog could link to other pages on the site designed to get visitors using the center's resources. You can also use your blog to highlight events such as job fairs or resume writing workshops. Finally, by getting your blog visitors onto your mailing list and social media following, you create opportunities for follow-up recruitment efforts.

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