Penn Foster is proud to introduce a suite of Common Core aligned curriculum into our single high school course offerings. With these courses, youth organizations, employers, and secondary school partners will be able to further prepare students for post-secondary success by promoting deeper learning, critical thinking, and problem solving. The introduction of these common core courses is aimed at improving student outcomes both during their time with Penn Foster and in their endeavors afterwards.

"Our efforts to expand our classes stems from our desire to align to the academically stringent Common Core standards and other educational benchmarks, which we believe serve our clients--and thus our students--by ensuring real-world readiness at an affordable price," said Dara Warn, Chief Outcomes Officer at Penn Foster.

With the Common Core standards that have been adopted by 42 states, Penn Foster developed these common core-aligned courses so as to better meet the needs of students and partners spread throughout the country. With these programs, Penn Foster's goal is to better prepare students for college and career success now more than ever, and to increase their accomplishments and success after graduation. Through shared goals set beyond the Penn Foster community, it will be easier to ensure that graduates are prepared to thrive as they move on to college education or enter the workforce.

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