It probably comes as no surprise that confident employees tend to take more initiative at work and perform better at their jobs overall. Numerous experts confirm this; for example, Chron reports that employees who have confidence in their ability to get the job done are more engaged and motivated1 This is especially important in for QSRs, with an average industry turnover rate of 66% making it critical that managers improve employee engagement and, in turn, retention. Implement these simple tactics to improve confidence in your employees and reap the rewards of more productive and loyal workers.

Improve Their Skills With Training

Start off on the right foot by providing new-hire training prior to the employee's first day of hands-on work. This will not only calm their nerves about being the "newbie," but also give new hires an opportunity to meet their peers and create a support system.

Continue the momentum by implementing training programs at every stage of an employee's tenure with the company. Smaller restaurants that are unable to provide company-wide training initiatives can still implement programs even without the resources for large-format training. For instance, managers can provide individual employees with training on different elements of each position and allow him or her to practice the new skills during the employee's shift. This will ensure employees are not only learning new skills but also becoming well-versed in various aspects of the company.

Incorporate Constructive Feedback

Feedback is a critical aspect in career development. But, if done incorrectly, providing feedback could prove detrimental to an employee's self-esteem and hinder his or her confidence. When providing constructive criticism, focus on discussing how the employees' positive attributes can be used for their benefit in their areas of improvement. Managers should meet with each employee to identify the areas in which they feel training is needed. Then, together they can work on an agreed-upon plan to provide instruction in those areas. Provide training periodically and have them try the products and services they're selling to better understand the customer experience.

Encourage Continued Education

The quick service restaurant industry offers a world of opportunities to their employees. According to a survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and reported in QSR Magazine, 97 percent of QSR managers and 94 percent of shift workers had advanced to higher-paying jobs within the industry2. In addition, more than nine out of 10 employees age 35 or older had been promoted to higher-paying jobs.

Some of the biggest names in the QSR industry - including Starbucks, Panera,Taco Bell, and Church's Chicken - are increasing their workers' confidence by supporting their continued education endeavors. This can be in the form of financial and emotional support, schedule flexibility, tuition reimbursement and strategic partnerships with educational institutions. An investment in employee education results in more knowledgeable and loyal employees and reduced turnover rates.

Express Gratitude

According to success expert Brian Tracy, appreciation acknowledges an employee's value and uniqueness3. When you appreciate someone for something, you raise their self-esteem, increase their self-confidence and improve their self-image.

You and your team leaders should give credit to employees for outstanding work and thank them on a regular basis for a job well done. Implement employee appreciation program or a rewards system that enables managers to easily acknowledge their employees. Additionally, implementing a peer recognition program goes a long way in increasing employee confidence among their counterparts and encourages teamwork.  

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