Founded in 1993, National Vet Tech Week provides an opportunity to explicitly celebrate the contributions of veterinary technicians each year. Celebrated last week, the 2016 National Vet Tech Week highlighted "Veterinary Nursing in Action," speaking to the diversity of expertise required of veterinary technicians in the workplace; they are capable of offering nursing care to all manner of species. Although veterinary technicians are valued every day of the year, we joined our partners last week in honoring their commitment to compassionate, high-quality veterinary care for all animals.

In the veterinary medicine industry, the need for veterinary technicians is not slowing down. In fact, the Department of Labor reports predicts a 19% growth in veterinary technicians between 2016 and 2024.1 Essential in the day-to-day success of veterinary practices, vet techs play vital roles in preserving animal health and welfare. Additionally, as states continue putting more stringent state practice acts in place, the need for credentialed technicians grows further.

As National Vet Tech Week wraps up, we are proud to recognize our partners who are leading the industry and actively contributing to the development of credentialed veterinary technicians. With locations spanning the nation, these employers have partnered with Penn Foster to offer their employees access to a company-sponsored Veterinary Technician Associate Degree Program. The program gives associates the opportunity to continue growing their careers in veterinary medicine with their respective employer.

Thank you again to Banfield Pet Hospital, BluePearl Veterinary Partners, VCA Animal Hospital, and Associate Veterinary Clinics for your dedication to veterinary technicians across North America!

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