At Penn Foster, our mission is to empower youth and adult learners with knowledge to help them succeed in their careers. Last month, Penn Foster lived up to its mission by announcing a new scholarship program that will help at-risk youth gain access to postsecondary education. The new scholarship program has been made available to YouthBuild students who have graduated from Penn Foster High School. The scholarship covers one college semester's tuition for five students each year, and honors outgoing YouthBuild founder and CEO, Dorothy Stoneman.

Honoring a Champion of Postsecondary Access

Dorothy Stoneman was a strong proponent in accessible education, and we believe a scholarship in her name is a great way to honor her mission. Over a period of nearly four decades, Dorothy Stoneman has grown YouthBuild from a single collaborative project in East Harlem to a worldwide movement and network of over 250 locally controlled programs in the United States and 81 programs in 21 other countries. As YouthBuild high school graduates move on to college and the workforce, their journey follows in the wake of Dorothy Stoneman's groundbreaking career.

Dorothy Stoneman's legacy has left quite the impact on YouthBuild's mission. Her lifelong commitment to social and economic mobility has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people. She has provided hope and leadership across the nation and globe to address the root causes and effects of concentrated poverty, and inspired all those involved in the effort to ensure that every young person in America has the education, support services and advocacy he or she needs to succeed. In the last 22 years, YouthBuild programs have given over 165,000 young people and their families the chance to rebuild their communities and their lives.

Empowering Learners to Succeed

The annual Dorothy Stoneman Scholarship will be presented beginning in 2017 to five Penn Foster High School graduates per year. The students who meet the scholarship criteria, all of whom will come from local YouthBuild programs, may enroll for one semester in a Penn Foster College program of their choosing with tuition fully waived. Providing these young people with access to ACE accredited courses will allow them to learn and develop the skills to help them advance in their careers, college, and beyond.

We're looking forward to seeing the impact this scholarship will have on these students, and will be sure to report back about their journey. Be sure to check back in 2017 for an update!

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Photo credit: YouthBuild USA