Yesterday at the ASU GSV Summit in Salt Lake City UT, Penn Foster announced our exciting new collaboration with Roadtrip Nation, an organization that empowers individuals to pursue fulfilling careers, and Strada Education Network, a nonprofit dedicated to solving today's higher education and workforce challenges, on our Skills Forward Roadtrip! The Roadtrip will aim to engage and inspire America's next generation workforce while addressing the issue of the skills shortage for high demand skilled trades occupations.

A Cross-Country Roadtrip to Empower America's Next Generation Workforce

Together with Roadtrip Nation and Strada Education Network at the 2017 ASU GSV Summit, we introduced this initiative to underscore our collective commitment to address the acute shortage of skilled trades talent, which ends up costing the U.S. economy billions each year.

So what exactly is this Roadtrip, you ask? The best way to understand it is to check out examples of episodes of this inspiring Award Winning documentary series on PBS on Roadtrip Nation's website.

In an effort to expand the pipeline of qualified talent entering the field of skilled trades, the Skills Forward Roadtrip will be an immersive career exploration experience where three Penn Foster students studying vocational training or who are interested in pursuing it, will be selected to participate in a filmed journey to interview professionals across the nation who have found career success in a wide variety of trades.

Through this filmed documentary experience, our goal is to create awareness and excitement, and inspire and motivate the next generation workforce to pursue careers in high-demand skilled trades occupations like manufacturing, carpentry, electrical, HVAC, welding, auto repair and more. The content captured on the trip will be turned into a documentary to air on public television, empowering millions of TV viewers to see the value in developing practical, job-ready skills that can help them achieve their dreams. Content from the Skills Forward Roadtrip will broadcast in Fall 2018. Stay tuned for more updates as we gear up for this journey!

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