The time has come to serve the middle skilled workforce in the United States. In an interview with Todd Hand of Boston Search Group, Penn Foster CEO Frank Britt explains the recent trends and future outlook for the workforce development industry. Highlighting the importance of upskilling and investing in the middle skilled, or "gray collar," cohort of workers, Britt's interview focuses on how organizations are finally becoming aware of this need for workforce development.

Moreover, Britt shares, leaders in workforce development have a unique opportunity to level the playing field for these middle skilled workers and increase their income mobility. Britt continues on to explain that upskilling and training can help address the issue that, "Talent in the United States is equally distributed, but the opportunities in the United States are not." However, workforce development is not just for social purpose organizations. With benefits ranging from higher employee engagement and retention to effective talent pipeline building, workforce development for middle skilled workers is an economic asset for all companies and organizations. And because of these benefits, according to Britt, "There's a lot of boats that get lifted when that cohort of the workforce has more opportunities."

To learn more about the current dynamics of the workforce development industry, and factors that will shape it in the near future, listen to the entire interview at the link below:

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