Have you ever lost your keys? Been locked out of your house? Struggled to install a security system? You're not alone. Every single day people require the talents and skills of professional locksmiths and home security technicians.

As advancements in home security technology have evolved the industry, demand for new skills and competencies that match the requirements of the job has increased dramatically. As a result, the roles of Locksmiths and Home Security Technicians today have changed tremendously from those of the past. Today's in-demand profession requires the skills and competencies with various keys and locks and the latest technologies in home security.

These security technologies, ranging from access control systems to CCTV systems, are growing in popularity for both residential homes and commercial buildings. It's estimated that as of 2020, approximately 30% of homes in the United States will have a professional security monitoring system in place.To meet this popularity and market demand, as of 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be over 27,000 professional locksmiths in the US.

While some credentialing varies by state, most professional locksmiths are able to enter this growing field with comprehensive training after high school. The locksmith industry, which has a median wage of $40,000therefore does not require an expensive or time-consuming college degree.

Apprenticeships, a proven training and education practice, provide learners with the hands-on experience and knowledge they need to succeed as a locksmith and home security technician. However, not all apprentice programs are the key to future locksmith success.

The ALOA Security Professionals Association is the leading association for professional locksmiths. Requiring strict standards, ALOA affiliated programs ensure learners will have the most comprehensive training and education available. Penn Foster's online Locksmith and Home Security Technician career diploma program is affiliated with the ALOA to help learners prepare to take the ALOA Fundamental Locksmith Exam. When combined with on-the-job training, Penn Foster's technical instruction can help propel successful careers. 

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