Penn Foster's Child Development Associate Undergraduate Certificate has recently been awarded the CDA Gold Standard by the Council for Professional Recognition. As a non-profit organization, the Council for Professional Recognition's mission is to recognize and promote professionals and organizations that are making strides in the early childhood education sector.

The CDA Gold Standard has only been awarded to sixteen programs, including Penn Foster's CDA Undergraduate Certificate program. Penn Foster College received this distinction after enrolling in the CDA Gold Standard Pilot Program, wherein the Child Development Associate Undergraduate Certificate program met their rigorous requirements. This award is exclusively earned by schools that have showcased high quality education rooted in the Childhood Development Association's Eight Subject Areas as well as equally high quality educational support.

This recognition sets our certificate apart from other training programs, allowing our partners and students confidence in the quality of the CDA program they are selecting. Once selected, this trusted program boasts far reaching benefits for our clients and students. For example, the Child Development Associate Undergraduate Certificate provides the information and training necessary to prepare to take the Child Development Associate credential, a process that requires 120 hours of relevant education. This CDA licensure is crucial, and sometimes required by law, for organizations to effectively meet the needs of this growing industry.

Moreover, the information and training provided in the program is coupled with our extensive student support and engaging learning platform. Our student support is imperative for student success and also one of the many reasons the CDA Undergraduate Certificate was awarded the Gold Standard. Approved by the CDA Council, all of our instructors are Professional Development Specialists who are easily accessible to our students for additional academic support. The online learning platform also allows students the flexibility to work through the course on their own schedule and learning pace. Lastly, upon successful completion of our program, students can elect to take their education further with our Early Childhood Education Associate Degree, and can transfer credits earned in the CDA Undergraduate Certificate towards this program.

Penn Foster is proud that our robust program has been recognized as a trusted and effective program for early childhood educators. Our CDA Undergraduate Certificate is just one of many programs across our expansive suite of Early Childhood Education programs. Learning and development programs like ours are beneficial for employees to further their education, while staying up to date with the latest industry trends and techniques. Likewise, employers offering these opportunities to their employees can expect to see an increased employee engagement and improved retention rates. Penn Foster is honored to have been awarded the CDA Gold Standard for our Child Development Associate Undergraduate Certificate, and we look forward to serving our students and partners in the future.

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