Businesses today are increasingly being faced with a similar challenge: The need for highly talented employees is moving at a much faster pace than the skills development of those employees. Rapid advancements in technology have completely changed the landscape of the modern labor market, and organizations have more of a responsibility than ever to ensure that they're working to help close this skills gap and giving their workers the ability to survive in a highly competitive environment. In Penn Foster's eBook, "Manufacturing Talent: The New Role for Apprenticeships in Today's Labor Market," author Collin Gutman details the work that is being done by several major organizations to pioneer the rebirth of the modern apprenticeship, dispels some common myths about apprenticeships, and offers a blueprint for success for businesses looking to launch their own programs.  

A foreword penned by Eric M. Seleznow, senior advisor at Jobs for the Future, lays a strong foundation for the new eBook by offering context around the history of apprenticeships in the U.S. while making the case for their relevance in today's economy. As former deputy assistant secretary for the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Seleznow's insight pulls directly from his own professional experience implementing the Obama administration's vision for workforce development, skills training, and apprenticeship.

In the new eBook, several major corporations " including Penske Truck Leasing, MetroPower, and Siemens USA " are highlighted for their successful work with apprenticeship and the outstanding results they have seen from their programs. In offering these development opportunities to their workers, the businesses not only support their own long-term visions, but also create pathways to career growth for program graduates. According to ApprenticeshipUSA, a staggering 91% of people who successfully complete an apprenticeship find jobs, often remaining with the same company from which they received their training.¹

For more context around the value of apprenticeships, the specific results these companies have seen from these programs, as well as helpful tips for businesses looking to launch their own apprenticeships, download the eBook below:

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Source: Photo Credit, (1) ApprenticeshipUSA