While libraries have significantly evolved over the last decade to become more technologically advanced, they have also progressed considerably when it comes to providing educational services to their patrons. This is especially important in a time when 73% of American adults consider themselves lifelong learners.1 Nick Buron, Chief Librarian at a location that serves nearly 2.3 million patrons, takes it one step further and insists that lifelong learning is "no longer a luxury " it is a necessity."

This statement is echoed in a Pew Research Report with findings that report 74% of adults furthered their knowledge about something that personally interests them and 63% of working adults took a course or received additional training to advance their careers in the past 12 months.2

As the gap between what employers need and what job seekers can offer grows, how do libraries upskill their local communities in a substantial way and help patrons develop lasting career potential?

Explore this question with us at the Baker & Taylor ALA luncheon and panel discussion on Saturday, June 22nd from 12:00 to 2:00pm EST. Learn about the evolving role of libraries in the upskilling of local communities and the ways in which such initiatives can contribute to your library's community outcome objectives.

Featured on the panel will be Penn Foster's own Ron Stefanski, Managing Director of Corporate Education; Rita Hamilton, City Librarian at Phoenix Public Library; Steve Potter, Library Director and CEO of Mid-Continent Public Library; and Nick Buron, Chief Librarian at Queens Library in New York City. The session will also include screenings from Lance Werner, Executive Director at Kent District Library and a trailer of a documentary sponsored by Roadtrip Nation, Skills Powered.

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