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Dr. Allessandria Polizzi has nearly 20 years of experience in talent and organizational effectiveness from a variety of industries, including retail, restaurant and software. She currently leads Verdant Consulting (http://www.verdantconsulting.net) a boutique HR consulting firm located in Dallas, TX. You can follow her on Twitter at @Al_Polizzi and on Instagram at @verdantconsulting.

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There have been a lot of articles and opinions on our newest and highly influential employee group, the millennial. From constantly taking selfies to expecting immediate promotions, the discussion about millennials can run the gamut from the informative to the hysterical.
There has been a lot of conversation in the media about the "battle for talent." With turnover rates for foodservice employees already reaching 110%, the need to retain talent is greater than ever for restaurants. Following a review of the data from the recently published Restaurant Industry Report: Strategies for Reducing Turnover, I reflected on this growing challenge. Here are three approaches to keeping employees engaged and committed to your organization:
As many organizations face the growing challenge of a tightening talent market and generational shifts, it's important to think about how to retain those employees once they join your organization. And since "up to 20 percent of turnover occurs in the first 45 days" according to a recent SHRM article, getting the new hire experience right is crucial to your organization's success. Here are 4 ways new employees often struggle and what  you can do to ensure that they are progressing from the start.

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