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Molly Falconer

Director, B2B Marketing Demand Generation

Molly Falconer heads up B2B Demand Generation at Penn Foster, where she partners with organizations to help them provide growth opportunities for employees through upskilling and reskilling programs. Molly works to grow the presence of the Penn Foster business partnership program across multiple industries.

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Person examining slide in microscope.
2020 was the busiest year in history for hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers who worked nonstop around the globe to face their biggest challenge yet. The grit and determination displayed by nurses, doctors and healthcare workers is little surprise, and our data shows that thousands more are stepping up to meet the challenge, and employers are supporting them.
Emily Gaudette.
Emily Gaudette is the Director of Organizational Development for Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, New Hampshire. With over a decade in the industry she is well versed in building effective leadership development and training programs in healthcare organizations. She sat down with us to discuss what that meant in one of the toughest years for healthcare on record.
Karlene Belyea, VP of Wellness at Mission Veterinary Partners.
The pandemic, coupled with the rise in pet ownership and an increased client list, has resulted in employee burnout at many veterinary hospitals. We spoke with Karlene Belyea, VP of Wellness at Mission Veterinary Partners, to learn about her background and the inner workings of a company that strives to create a culture where employees feel appreciated, respected, and balanced.

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