Retail Hospitality

Online Training for the Retail and Hospitality Industry

Solutions to train new hires, upskill current employees, and improve retention rates

Prepare your frontline workers for success

Create a talent pipeline through upskilling to improve your bottom line.

Penn Foster partners with leading retail and hospitality organizations to provide in-depth training solutions to address the growing shortage of frontline workers. With Penn Foster's diploma, degree, and skills training programs, employers can train new hires, prepare talented workers for leadership roles, and find and retain dedicated employees.

An effective strategy for boosting employee tenure and engagement, Penn Foster’s scalable, online skills training solutions are designed for working learners and are proven to meet the needs of the hospitality industry and retailers nationwide.

  • Industry specific skills
    Upskill your employees

    With over a thousand hours of industry-specific content, Penn Foster can provide employers and human resource managers with flexible, proven training to improve performance and prepare talented employees for leadership roles. You can choose from a broad number of courses or configure your own training solutions, from developing soft skills to preparing for retail or restaurant management.

  • Unparallelled support
    Drive employee outcomes

    Designed for working learners, our self-paced, competency-based learning model fits into your employees’ schedule while providing comprehensive academic, professional, and motivational support. Proactive outreach and 1:1 coaching ensure that workers stay engaged and progress in their courses.

  • Proven outcomes
    Deliver results

    Our partnership model was developed to meet the unique needs of the retail and hospitality industry. From enrollment support to robust reporting and account management, we provide the services necessary to maximize results for your organization and generate a significant ROI.