Youth Organizations

Enhance Outcomes for Opportunity Youth

Empower young people with a credential, in-demand skills, and a pathway to opportunity

Career-focused Education & Skills Training for Youth Organizations

Diploma, degree and certificate programs designed to build confidence and prepare youth for college & career success.

Penn Foster has a long, successful history of serving youth from traditionally underserved populations with career-focused education and skills training programs. Organizations such as Job Corps and YouthBuild USA partner with Penn Foster to provide thousands of young people each year with the career-focused online diplomas, degrees, and certificates needed to prepare them for career and college success.

An extensive portfolio of career-focused programs and a competency-based learning model provide organizations with the tools needed to meet each student where they are in their educational development. With programs for TABE Remediation, soft skills development, and High School Completion, young people increase their competencies and develop basic workforce skills. Students can then attain the skills and industry credentials needed for entry-level employment with Penn Foster’s career diplomas, ACE-accredited individual college courses, and associate & bachelor’s degree programs.

  • High School + Career Pathways
    Increase Career Pathways

    Create pathways for learners to in-demand careers or advanced training. In conjunction with their high school courses, your learners can choose from career pathway concentrations, such as automotive or healthcare, to gain applicable knowledge and skills specific to a leading career.

  • Career Programs and Courses
    Provide Credentials in Fast-Growing Careers

    From individual courses covering specific skills, to multi-course career diplomas, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees, our library of 100+ career programs can help your learners earn industry recognized credentials in areas such as healthcare, hospitality, skilled trades, and more.

  • Career Readiness Bootcamp
    Improve Job Placement & Retention

    Aligned with leading industry competency models, this solution helps youth develop and enhance soft skills such as decision-making, communication, and professionalism that are crucial for improving on-the-job effectiveness and building long-term career success.

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