New Front Line Supervisor Training Program Provides Comprehensive Upskilling Solution to Answer Market Need

April 03, 2018

Penn Foster Workforce Development Takes Lead in the Market with Modular, Self-Paced Online Training that Equips Individuals with Skills Required in Critical Leadership Role

SCRANTON, PA (April 3, 2018) — Penn Foster Workforce Development, a leading skills training provider focused on improving employability for workers across a range of in-demand fields, today announced the launch of its new Front Line Supervisor Training Program. This new program, available to employers in the industrial sector, centers on providing the strategies and management skills supervisors need in the daily operations of overseeing front line employees in an industrial setting.

Unlike other front line supervisor training programs currently available, Penn Foster’s comprehensive curriculum offers training tailored to specific supervisor roles, including maintenance supervisor, warehouse supervisor, and production supervisor. Offered as an online, self-paced program, it facilitates supervisors working on site or remotely to fit education and training into their work schedules, quickly upskilling employees while decreasing costs for businesses. The program’s flexibility allows businesses to scale the training from 1-1,000 employees.

Penn Foster’s new training program launches at a critical juncture in the US workplace: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects there will be an annual average of 215,000 Front line supervisor job openings in an industrial environment over the next several years, bringing the total front line supervisors in all fields to 2.2 million by 2026. At the same time, a Harvard Business Review report reveals that 71% of front line supervisors receive infrequent or only occasional training; and more than 90% of companies believe front line managers’ lack of leadership development negatively impacts employee engagement results.”

“We see a massive opportunity to address the need for skilled front line supervisors in the industrial sector, knowing many newly promoted front line supervisors lack the crucial skills necessary for job success,” said Collin Gutman, Penn Foster’s head of Skilled Trades Division & Strategy. “We understand how challenging it can be for employers who promote their best workers to a supervisor position, but then realize there are no prescribed training programs to help them be successful. This Penn Foster program is designed to fulfill that long-missing training.”

Built for the working learner, Penn Foster’s comprehensive curriculum provides anytime, anywhere access to course materials across multiple formats, including video, html-based courseware, e-books and interactive PowerPoint lessons. The result is that learners will quickly gain the skills and knowledge needed to become effective managers, getting them up to speed faster and improving overall productivity, while addressing the ever-widening skills gap employers are grappling with. This training method can also help create and expand career pathways for employees eligible for supervisor roles.

“Front line supervisors serve in a critical role, maintaining relationships between upper management and front line workers, yet they are typically offered few meaningful, sustained opportunities to gain the strategies and skills needed to succeed,” said Dara Warn, Chief Outcomes Officer, Penn Foster. “We’re proud that we’ve identified and are addressing this important role in the workplace with a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything front line supervisors need to become effective managers.”

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