Career Diploma and Pathways

Increase Employability and Career Preparedness

Offer Students and Employees Access to Career-Focused Skills Training

High School Career Pathway Programs in Fast Growing Fields.

Penn Foster's High School Diploma with Career Pathway concentrations helps organizations create pathways to in-demand careers or advanced training. The career-focused content enables learners to develop practical skills they can apply directly in the workplace, or towards post-secondary education, all while earning an accredited high school diploma and a certificate of completion in a leading career field.

Each career pathway consists of five courses specifically focused on in-demand careers.


JEVS Graduation
JEVS Human Services
Learn how Penn Foster is helping diversion program participants become career and college-ready.


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Hear from Graduates
Watch this video to learn why students like the program.


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Project YouthBuild Turns High School Dreams to Reality
Learn how Project Youthbuild, in partnership with Penn Foster, is turning diploma dreams into reality.