Survey Says Apprentices are the Most Career-Ready

Posted by Marie Murphy on August 23, 2018

Today's tight labor market has been attributed to the growing skills gap, the increase in retiring baby boomers, high rates of employee turnover, and more. Despite all of these factors, there has not yet been a full shift from the must-have college degree mindset to a learn-and-earn model that could better support employers and employees.

Within this labor market, there are thousands of gratifying jobs boasting high wages that do not require an expensive and time-consuming college degree. And these middle skilled jobs in manufacturing, hospitality, allied health, and other skilled trades are being left open by potential talent who bypass the many learn-and-earn options available to them. 

Learn-and-earn models range from vocational training programs to Department of Labor registered apprenticeships wherein an individual can earn a credential or certificate in their field. And contrary to popular belief, apprenticeships are not limited to those in industrial or manufacturing positions; more and more companies are beginning to implement apprenticeships across varying career paths.

The newfound resurgence of the apprenticeship is partly due to the fact that Americans are beginning to see the numerous benefits of apprenticeships and other earn-and-learn models. Side-stepping the traditional college path, individuals who enter apprenticeships are able to start earning a wage right away while still coming away with an industry-recognized credential.

In fact, according to a recent American Staffing Association report conducted by The Harris Poll, 62% of Americans believe that apprenticeships or other vocational training opportunities make individuals more employable than going to college.

While there is much to be said in favor of pursing a college degree, especially for certain careers, it is not the only way to pursue a successful career. Furthermore, that same study found that 94% of Americans believe apprenticeships are helpful in landing a new career.

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