2018 Summer Solstice: The Solar Industry is Looking Bright

Posted by Marie Murphy on June 21, 2018

The summer solstice, happening this year on June 21st, is when the sun reaches the highest and most Northern point in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere - making it the longest day of sunshine throughout the year. Many mark this day as the beginning of summer " the season with abundant sunshine and warmth. 

The summer solstice also reminds us of the sun's energy and power. In recent years, renewable energy " like solar power " has come to the forefront of the energy industry. Solar energy has become increasingly more popular, with many initiatives and tax breaks in place to promote the use of solar panels. However, in order to install solar panels, skilled workers are needed.

And unfortunately, the rate of demand for solar energy has surpassed the rate of employees obtaining the skills to install and work with solar panels. According to the most recent solar census, the solar-related workforce has increased 168% within the last seven years, and yet, 89% of solar employers reported having difficulty in hiring skilled workers. So while there is serious growth, more skilled workers are needed to meet the market demands.

For both photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal skills training, finding an experienced training provider can be nearly as difficult as finding skilled solar panel installers. Fortunately, as a trusted online training provider, Penn Foster's  Solar Installation Skills Training program can provide your employees with training in both solar thermal and solar PV panel installation. These comprehensive certificate programs are specifically designed to meet today's solar market demands in a flexible, online model.

Upskilling employees through an online training program not only expands business opportunities for employers, but investing in employee education is also known to help boost employee engagement and retention. Two critical workplace trends in today's tight labor market where turnover is high. Furthermore, the Solar PV and Thermal Installation Skills programs are designed specifically for the working skilled trades employee to complete at their own pace and on their own time.

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