If you walk into a public library today, you will likely encounter a very different environment than the libraries of your childhood.

No longer a place just to borrow books, public libraries have evolved in recent years to become hubs of lifelong learning providing classes, workshops, access to digital resources, and even access to the internet for those that do not have it at home. Specifically, 77% of Americans who use the internet but lack home access say computer and internet access at their public library is important to them and their family.1 In the same Pew Research Report, one librarian noted that public libraries are moving from "houses of knowledge" to "houses of access."

This level of "access" is critical in serving the new generation of gig workers and entrepreneurs who rely on their local libraries for spaces to collaborate, develop, and work. As one of the most pressing demands facing communities continues to be the need to fill their local skills gaps, providing access to upskilling and re-training opportunities could be the key to libraries' role in the workforce development system. However, for libraries seeking to play this role, where do they start? How do they design a program that is both impactful and cost effective?

To explore these questions, join us Tuesday, January 29th at 1:00pm EST for a panel discussion hosted by Library Journal on how public libraries can become a trusted and neutral source for workforce development and career training programs! In this webcast, you will learn how libraries can offer tools for nontraditional learners that enable them to advance their knowledge and open doors to new employment opportunities. Furthermore, hear how these programs can complement existing library programming to expand their impact in the community.

Featured on the panel will be Penn Foster's own Ron Stefanski, Managing Director of Corporate Education; Michael Bills, Director of Sales and Marketing at Baker & Taylor; and Lance Werner, Executive Director at Kent District Library in Michigan. Register below to tune into this engaging discussion from industry experts!

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