New Interactive Learning Aids for Skilled Trades Training Programs

Posted by Michelle Ecker on August 28, 2020

Penn Foster is investing in interactive learning

For over 125 years, Penn Foster has taught working learners and partnered with skilled trades organizations to help tens of thousands of students gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed on their career paths. Part of this Penn Foster mission is to provide comprehensive courses, applicable technology, and a wide array of flexible services aimed at the needs of the working learner- which anymore, should include an emphasis on interactivity.

In 2020, Penn Foster has invested in an improved learning experience for all skilled trades learners. The curriculum follows a practical “Learn, Practice, Apply” instruction model that aims to best prepare future tradespeople for the workplace. Essentially, students are able to:

  • Learn concepts through reading curriculum
  • Practice these concepts using interactive content and animations
  • Apply this knowledge in their day-to-day roles

At their core, Penn Foster skilled trades programs are designed to prepare tradespeople for their roles in the workplace, and improve learner comprehension of concepts beyond their time in the program.

The implementation of these new interactive learning aids aim to support that mission by accommodating the different learning styles a large student body may bring to our programs. They help students learn foundational skilled trades concepts through video, whiteboard animations, and more. Ultimately, these supplemental interactivity aids aim to improve learner outcomes and better prepare workers for success after completing their program.

Worker examining equipment.

The impact of interactivity

Research suggests that interactivity in learning has been shown to substantially improve student experience and success.

Findings from an American Physiological Association series of case studies on learning engagement, learning process and learning experience show that interactivity fosters heightened focus, critical thinking, and action-taking that truly immerses a learner. During a time when more employers are looking for practical, efficient education solutions they can provide to workers at scale, an online curriculum that not only offers convenience but values learner outcomes and growth is something these organizations can benefit from. Education providers such as Penn Foster, who understand the value of embracing interactive learning are making strides to incorporate additional interactivity into their curriculum.

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