Offering Hope, Encouragement, and Knowledge During Vet Tech Week

Posted by Des Sinkevich on October 23, 2020

Veterinary technicians have become essential personnel during the pandemic, adapting to curbside appointments and telehealth to allow the veterinarians to focus on more dire client cases. While veterinary technicians are vital to a well-run practice in any year, this one has been even more challenging, and they’ve met that challenge head on. That makes celebrating their accomplishments and dedication during National Veterinary Technician Week especially important in 2020. Our Veterinary Academy staff, partners, and distinguished alumni came together to offer knowledge, hope, and encouragement to veterinary technicians across the country. If you missed a session or want to share the discussion with staff and learners, check out the recap of the week below.

vet tech examining patient.

Meet Penn Foster’s expert Veterinary Academy staff

Our Veterinary Academy instructors and staff consist of experts in the field, with real-world experience and a passion for caring for animals of all sizes. Get to know who they are and why they love what they do in our two-part distinguished faculty sessions.

In part one, meet instructors Brianna Ives, Veronica Benson, Vicki McLain, Amy Dunning, Dr. Angela Nguyen, and Director Emeritus, Dr. Jim Hurrell.

Then, hear from instructors Lauren Levish, Chandel DeLucca, Suzanne Fauver, Amber Sanna, and Academy Director, Megan Chadwick in part two.

Learn more about the Penn Foster experience

Our distinguished graduates and alumni are making an impact in veterinary medicine and we couldn’t be prouder. Hear about their experiences in the program, how they make a difference as veterinary technicians in the field, and how they’ve overcome challenges.

In our Distinguished Graduates Panel, you’ll hear from graduates Nicole LaForest, Simone Conwell, Mary Cox, and Paula Hargis about their Penn Foster journey and what they’re doing in the field now.

Want to hear more about the learner experience and how Penn Foster programs have helped students become skilled, dedicated veterinary technicians? Our Alumni Spotlight Podcast goes in-depth with veterinary technician alumni. If you are interested in the program manager perspective, BluePearl’s Program Manager, Amy Newfield shares her experiences as well.

Strengthen your industry knowledge

Continuing education is vital to being a successful veterinary technician and veterinary medicine practice. As part of our week-long celebration, expert professionals covered topics ranging from how to talk about pet insurance to maintaining positivity in an often-stressful field.

Learn more about:
  • How to Talk About Pet Health Insurance - Consultants from Blue Heron, Trupanion’s training organization, were joined by a credentialed veterinary technician to talk about pet insurance and teach our students how to address it with their own clients.
  • Standardizing Veterinary CPR - Prior to 2012, veterinary medicine had no consensus guidelines for veterinary CPR procedures. While more than 20 percent of human patients who suffer cardiac arrests in the hospital survive to go home to their families, the equivalent figure for dogs and cats is less than 6 percent. The Reassessment Campaign on Veterinary Resuscitation (RECOVER) initiative to develop evidence-based CPR guidelines involved over 100 board-certified veterinary specialists with the goal of improving veterinary CPR and the outcome in small animal patients.
  • Positivity in the Workplace and Life - Melissa J. Supernor is a lecturer and consultant specializing in Practice Development, Professional and Career Development and Internal Medicine topics at a variety of venues including the local, state, and national levels. Through her organization, she discusses work/life balance and professional development for members of veterinary healthcare teams.
  • Veterinary Nursing Care Plans - What Are They and Are They Worth the Effort? - Helen Ballantyne, RN, RVN in the U.K. discussed veterinary nursing care plans and how and why they should be implemented.
  • Doing Well By Doing Good - “America’s Veterinarian” and founder of the Fear Free certification movement, Dr. Marty Becker, discussed his passion for the profession and how those in the field can be successful financially and emotionally.
Through engaging webinars, podcasts, and discussions, professionals from all areas of the veterinary medical field came together with a focus on encouraging and celebrating our essential veterinary technicians. We look forward to sharing more stories and insights in the next year, and continually growing the number credentialed veterinary technicians who offer care and support to pets and their families.