How Penn Foster Is Prepared to Train the Skilled Work Force

Posted by Nicole Krempasky on August 12, 2021

At the time of his swearing in, President Biden promised to pursue ambitious efforts to revamp the infrastructure of the country and, with it, the workforce through the American Jobs Plan. In order to accomplish his goals of fixing and further developing highways and roads, bridges, the power grid, and internet services, America will need a strong, skilled workforce that’s prepared to hit the ground running. The purpose is to improve communities throughout the U.S. with modernization, as well as stimulating the economy through job creation and revitalizing manufacturing.

While there is little debate as to the potential the bill creates for new jobs, the question remains as to who, in fact, will fill these positions. One main issue is that the last few decades have shown more high school graduates turning away from high-paying labor jobs in favor of expensive bachelor’s degrees, leaving a shortage of individuals capable of filling essential skilled roles. In part, this is due to the lack of promotion of vocational jobs on a national level in comparison to the popularity and promise of careers that require higher education.

aerial view of a highway lined with trees.

Challenges in hiring

The revitalization of our infrastructure is one of the largest undertakings we’ve seen for generations, investing one percent of our gross domestic product (GDP) over eight years, but with a large portion of the already-established workforce retiring within the next few years, we’re facing an even greater deficit of skilled laborers. The key to filling these roles and, thus, successfully executing the infrastructure plan, lies with providing attractive options for incoming workers as well as for those looking to transfer their skills into better, higher-paying jobs. Many industrious skilled-labor positions don’t require the time and financial commitment traditional white-collar jobs do. This means employees can build their skills in a shorter period of time without breaking the bank. Further, employers should look to the growing popularity of learn-and-earn models like apprenticeships, where employees don’t have to face the prospect of taking a pay cut, or losing their income altogether, while training for new jobs.

How Penn Foster is prepared to train the skilled workforce

Between the already growing skills-gap and the global pandemic, we face a critical point in history. Penn Foster has helped shape the face of the American workforce for over 100 years and is committed to continuing that mission. We’re poised to support employers by making sure their workers have the tools and skills needed in this changing landscape through online training and apprenticeship programs.

Further, Penn Foster can help employers ensure their workers are developing the specific in-demand skills that are valuable to their businesses through partnerships that provide the related technical instruction needed for apprenticeships. Our online programs can be configured to meet the unique training needs of your business, while helping to create long-haul employees with a 92 percent retention rate. We’ve supported thousands of apprentices across hundreds of organizations throughout the last five years and will continue to do so. In addition to supporting apprenticeships with online RTI, we also provide other upskilling and training courses to employers so their current workforce can stay up-to-date on industry changes and enhancements.

As part of the effort to stay at the forefront of innovative learning, Penn Foster’s enhanced curriculum and delivery accommodate working learners and their diverse learning styles. Interactive elements like virtual demonstrations and simulations further improve learning outcomes by focusing on job-readiness through practicing real-world skills. The online, mobile platform also ensures no one has to choose between education and work – skills can be practiced during non-work hours, allowing workers to continue earning a wage and contributing to your business.

Partner with Penn Foster

Penn Foster is uniquely positioned to help close the skills gap and train your workforce in preparation for a more modern America. For more information on how our programs can help you reach your hiring goals, contact a Penn Foster training expert today. 


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