How Penn Foster’s Veterinary Technician Training Can Help Employees Succeed

Posted by Des Sinkevich on July 8, 2021

Veterinary clinics are seeing more patients, from wellness visits to emergent cases, making trained veterinary technicians more vital to a successful practice than ever especially as the number of pet owners is increasing. Pet adoptions grew 70% during the pandemic and an ASPCA survey conducted in May 2021 found that 90% of pets adopted during the last year have stayed with their owners. Handling an influx of new pet owners, plus providing excellent service to current clients, can be overwhelming for a veterinary healthcare team that has already weathered a number of changes throughout the last year and a half. Ensuring your staff is prepared to meet demand and utilize their skills to their fullest capabilities is important to maintaining efficiency and practice success. One way to do that? Provide in-depth, AVMA-accredited online training.

veterinarian and vet tech treating cat.

The benefits of offering online training opportunities to staff

Offering training and education opportunities to veterinary practice staff is beneficial for a number of reasons. Primarily, it prepares employees to effectively and confidently complete their tasks. In the case of veterinary technicians, education can prepare them for credentialing that allows their skills to be utilized to their full abilities. Proper veterinary technician utilization can increase practice efficiency, allowing veterinarians more time to focus on more concerning client cases.

Additionally, education and effective skill utilization can impact employee turnover. With an average turnover rate of 23% throughout the industry – much higher than the overall occupational turnover rate of 15% – retaining employees can be vital to maintaining a strong practice. If the average cost to replace an employee is about 50% of their salary and an average veterinary technician makes $36,260 annually, it can cost your practice an estimated $18,130 to replace each vet tech lost. The cost of constantly replacing employees can be detrimental to your bottom line and your clients.

Investing in training and offering opportunities for growth within the veterinary medicine field, however, can often solve turnover issues and improve retention rates and career dedication. In fact, 94% of employees in any industry would be more likely to stay with a company longer if that company invested in their training. For veterinary technicians, offering continuing education opportunities and credentialing programs can strengthen their dedication to their work and your practice.

How a cutting-edge vet technician training program can benefit your practice

Preparing your veterinary practice staff to become credentialed veterinary technicians is something you know will make a positive impact on your business. However, offering staff the time off to attend in-person classes could make an already tight schedule even more difficult to manage. That’s where online training and education through an AVMA-accredited degree program can help.

Penn Foster’s online Veterinary Technician Associate Degree is designed to prepare learners for success in the field and to sit for the VTNE. Through flexible, online classes, your staff can develop the knowledge and skills to further benefit your veterinary practice around their work schedule. And with mobile-friendly courses and exams, learners can take their studies with them on the go, fitting study time in during lunch breaks or on slow days in the office.

Through our Learn-Practice-Apply model, learners will build the real-world skills to become effective veterinary technicians online. Our associate degree program combines reading, live-action videos, interactive practice exercises, animated videos, visual explanations, and animated graphics to reinforce knowledge that is vital to success in the field. Further, our vet technician degree focuses on skill mastery and units that are closely aligned to expected career responsibilities.

Prepare your practice for success with Penn Foster

Whether you’re a small private practice grappling with a surge of new patients and increased appointments, or a larger hospital working to increase employee retention rates, offering education opportunities and providing clear career paths for employees can make a positive difference. Learn more about our AVMA-accredited veterinary technician program by contacting a Penn Foster training expert today!