How Colleges Can Offer In-Demand Healthcare Training

Posted by Des Sinkevich on March 31, 2021

As the United States slowly recovers from the economic impact of the pandemic, adding 379,000 jobs in February, displaced workers – the still 6.2% of Americans that are currently unemployed – are searching for new, stable opportunities. One sector that continues to need more trained, qualified applicants is the healthcare industry. While healthcare has historically been a growing industry, as vaccine distribution ramps up, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, and physician’s offices will need more help than ever. But how can we rapidly prepare workers to meet the demand? That’s where colleges and training organizations come in.

woman studying with stethoscope.

How to offer in-demand healthcare training

Many colleges and universities have weathered the pandemic by rapidly pivoting their traditional education system to one that allows for remote learning. But, while they’re offering online learning to promote social distancing, the course length remains the same; it will take years for students to complete courses and move into the workforce. For those preparing to work in healthcare, this can mean missing an opportunity to take advantage of the highly in-demand roles we need in the field right now.

The solution? Accelerated, online training. However, building your own training program, getting the proper accreditation, and marketing to attract new students can take years of work. Instead, finding an expert, industry-recognized program that is already established can solve the problem - and attract new learners to your institution.

The benefits of online healthcare training programs

Outside of offering in-demand programs and rapid training opportunities, partnering with an online education company like Penn Foster can come with several benefits, such as
  • Developed and proven coursework. Our online training includes courses in clinical, administrative, and pharmacy roles that have been developed by industry experts to prepare learners for certification, and work, within as little as 3-6 months. Instead of spending years developing your own program and waiting for approval from accrediting bodies, you can offer comprehensive and up-to-date training now.
  • Easy course onboarding. Designed to allow students to independently take control of their education, our online programs are easy to start and use. With access to instructors and help through online resources, your learners can confidently dive into their program within minutes of enrollment. Even better, with no rigid enrollment dates, your learners can start whenever they’d like.
  • Continuing education opportunities. Healthcare occupations often demand that workers regularly continue their education and expand their knowledge to maintain certification. By offering online programs through Penn Foster, you can provide an avenue for former students to return – offering an easy way for them to meet the requirements of their employers on their schedule.
  • Rapid course completion. Completion numbers are often one way the quality of education providers is evaluated. How many students successfully graduate? How long does it take? By offering accelerated online courses, your organization can provide a rapid path for learners to enter the workforce while improving your completion and graduation rates.
Further, adding these in-demand online programs to your course offerings allows you to diversify your current curriculum to meet the needs of the community you’re in. Last year, seeing the growing need for healthcare workers and the lack of flexible training opportunities, Harrisburg University partnered with Penn Foster to prepare workers for roles in a variety of allied health careers – from medical assistants to pharmacy technicians - and expand access to the education needed to be successful.

Grow your enrollment numbers with a proven training partner

Whether you’re looking to attract new students to your school or organization, or you want to take advantage of the current need for qualified healthcare workers, Penn Foster’s proven online healthcare training programs can help you take the next step. Learn more by contacting a training expert today!