YouthBuild Boston - Empowering Youth & Strengthening the Community

Posted by Peter Sorensen on February 15, 2024

YouthBuild Boston’s core mission is to empower and assist young people of color with essential social, vocational, academic, and life skills necessary to navigate a positive pathway to self-sufficiency and economic stability. By providing the ability to earn Penn Foster’s accredited High School Diploma while learning hands-on construction and carpentry skills, YouthBuild Boston is helping at-risk youth and impacting the construction industry by bridging the skill gap. Because of the hands-on nature of the training, learners gain real-world experience with construction projects in schools, the Boston public library, and other non-profits which in turn, helps maintain communities throughout the Boston area.


Providing these additional skills distinguishes YouthBuild Boston from conventional educational programs, which prompts them to adopt new instruction methods to help ensure a successful outcome for its learners.


YouthBuild Boston learners helping construct a building.

How YouthBuild Boston helps its learners

YouthBuild Boston's commitment to learner success extends beyond the classroom. Recognizing that various challenges, like financial barriers, personal struggles, and academic obstacles may arise on the path to program completion, the organization has implemented a comprehensive set of strategies to provide robust support.


YouthBuild Boston’s support includes:


Free education and financial stipend

  • Because applicants come from lower-income areas, providing education and training at no cost to the learners is essential.
  • Because the program teaches learners through hands-on experience, learners get paid for the work that they do.


Setting expectations before the program starts

  • YouthBuild Boston finds explaining the Penn Foster lesson plans is helpful to learners as they gain an understanding and appreciation of what they are working towards.
  • Going over the curriculum before the start of classes helps break the seemingly formidable challenge of earning a high school diploma into smaller, more manageable tasks.
  • Clarifying what is expected from the learners at the beginning of the program is a valuable way to ensure that the students are not surprised at any of the academic tasks they are required to complete.


Help with navigating the Penn Foster interface

  • Although the Penn Foster Learning Portal is easy to use, learners still find it helpful to have an instructor walk them through the platform before starting their classes.


Providing an in-person teacher

  • In-person teachers help learners overcome academic challenges
  • They provide technical support if learners encounter any issues
  • Teachers contact Penn Foster if the learners have any specific questions regarding the platform.


Hands on training with mentors

  • YouthBuild Boston’s mentors are trusted adults who help learners navigate life while teaching them hands-on vocational skills like construction and carpentry.


Increase learner success with online high school programs

YouthBuild Boston’s multifaceted approach reflects their deep understanding of the diverse challenges learners typically face while completing their high school diploma and vocational training. By providing a comprehensive support system, they empower learners to overcome hurdles and ultimately achieve their goals. If you’re interested in learning more about Penn Foster’s educational programs or other methods to increase learner success, contact us.