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Increase Enrollments, Improve Outcomes

Create a path to your school and improve job placement rates

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Increase enrollments, expand course offerings, and improve outcomes for your students.

Penn Foster works with hundreds of colleges and career schools nationwide to provide education solutions that improve outcomes at every stage of the student lifecycle. Our high school completion program helps colleges like yours provide students without a high school diploma a pathway to enroll in your institution. Career programs & courses in fast growing career fields can help augment your school’s existing curriculum, while our soft skills training program ensures students are prepared for the workforce.

  • High School Completion
    Qualified Enrollments at an Affordable Price

    Penn Foster’s High School Completion program for colleges and career schools is designed to provide your prospective students lacking proof of graduation the opportunity to earn a regionally and nationally accredited high school diploma, and a path to matriculate into your college.

  • Career Programs & Courses
    Augment Your Curriculum

    Our flexible, online career certificates, diplomas, and degrees can help your school expand course offerings. With a library of 100+ career programs, you can seamlessly augment your curriculum with programs in fields such as healthcare, business, skilled trades, and more.

  • Soft Skills Development
    Increase Job Placement Rates

    Focused on the crucial soft skills demanded by today’s employers, such as communication, teamwork, integrity, and decision making, our Career Readiness Program can help prepare your students for the workplace, in turn increasing your school’s gainful employment rate.

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