Boost in Pet Ownership Increases Vet Tech Grad Rate

Posted by Mara Hyman on January 18, 2021

2020 saw a huge jump in new pet ownership, a trend that doesn’t appear to be slowing down as we head into 2021, and veterinary practices need to figure out how to meet the rising demand in new patients. One solution is for leaders to consider how they’re maximizing the skills of their team members. More leaders are recognizing that the best way to elevate their practice is by improving the skills of their current workforce, leading to a newfound commitment to education and training for staff.

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This newfound commitment, put into action via the Penn Foster Veterinary Academy, resulted in an 80% increase in graduates across all veterinary programs in 2020. This includes those who completed studies in veterinary technician and veterinary assistant specialties, including our first Veterinary Technology Bachelor’s Degree graduates. These graduates received the encouragement from their employers to take the next steps in their careers and ultimately, benefit the practices they serve in the short and long term.

At Penn Foster, we are proud to deliver online training for veterinary practices that meet the demands of the current state of the industry in a flexible, dynamic format. Our partner practices saw a clear need to provide their employees last year with the tools to feel confident in their abilities as they then educated, and formed strong bonds with, their new clients and their pets.

Penn Foster looks forward to continuing to make positive outcomes for our learners to help them succeed in the modern veterinary workplace. If you’d like to learn more about what an investment in education could mean for your business, contact a veterinary training expert.

Veterinary worker with dog.