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Developing More Productive and Effective Job Seekers and Employees

Building Power Skills in Job Seekers and Employees

Most hiring managers would agree - there’s a significant lack of soft skills or Power Skills among new candidates and tenured employees in today’s workforce. Penn Foster’s Career Readiness Bootcamp is designed to help both employees and job seekers develop these essential workplace skills.

Aligned with leading industry competency models, this solution helps develop and enhance Power Skills such as decision-making, communication, professionalism, and teamwork that are crucial for improving on-the-job effectiveness and building long-term career success. With self-paced coursework and the ability to be delivered either purely online or in a blended learning setting, the Career Readiness Bootcamp can be adapted to meet the unique training needs, and improve outcomes, at any organization.

Bootcamp Power Skills Include


Honesty, Responsibility, and Reliability; “Doing the right thing” and “Doing what you say you will do


Appreciation for Diversity, Tolerance, and Multicultural Awareness

Customer Focus

Anticipating and Delivering on Customer Needs; Evaluating Service Effectiveness


Being a Team Player, Relationship Building/Cooperation, Conflict Resolution

Communication Skills

Active Listening, Non-Verbal Communication, Receiving Feedback, Communication Channel Etiquette

Planning and Organization

Creating and Managing Plans, Prioritizing, Time Management

Problem-solving/ Decision-making

Identifying Problems, Decision-Making Tools and Strategies


Barriers to Change, Adjusting to Changing Priorities and Work Conditions

Working with Tools/Technology

Common Business Technologies and Applications, Productivity Tools, Social Tools


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